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Monday, December 05, 2005

Liner Notes

So you got an invite, you came to the wedding, you enjoyed the food, the fun, the laughter, experienced tears of joy, sweet music, dancing, and all the other festivities and emotion that go along with a day spent with Ron and Jen. You went home with a mix CD that was placed on your plate, and perhaps you have already listened to each song 5 or 10 times. What you still may be wondering though, is what are the meanings of each of those songs, and why were they chosen. Unfortunately, we didn't have time nor the energy to expand the liner notes on our CD. However, we were fortunate and energentic enough to at least leave you with the titles and artists, right?

Here, in this blog entry, we have decided to expand the liner notes so that the next time you listen to the songs on the CD, you will have a greater insight and appreciation to the meanings of each tune to the newly-wed couple:

At Last • Etta James
This is "our song" cause it only took us 5 years to decide to FINALLY get married - LOL!

Chipi Chipi • featuring Maria Esther Zamora
You will have to read the "Carnical Carioca" entry below, but as mentioned, Ron's maternal side of the family is from Argentina. As such, we decided to have our own Carnival Carioca, as is the tradition of most Argentinian celebrations. This song is from the soundtrack of The Motorcycle Diaries, an EXCELLENT soundtrack if you are in need of something new and unusual - we highly recommned it - we listen to it a lot on road trips. Chipi Chipi is the sound the percussion makes and it just puts us in a good mood.

Come on and Dance with Me • Frank Sinatra
Ron and I met swing dancing, and this is a great song to dance to..and well, it's a song about dancing!!

Dirty Water • The Standels
Not on our mix, but is a Boston CLASSIC!

Embracable You • Nat King Cole
A song Ron loves and thinks of when he thinks of Jen

Erev Shel Shoshanim
Translation - "An Evening of Roses" - a popular Hebrew song played at Jewish weddings. This is the song Jen and her parents walked down the aisle to.

Fly Me to the Moon • Frank Sinatra
Another great swing song - Jen and her brother Tom grew up to the tunes of Sinatra playing through the house as Sinatra is their mother's and grandmother's favorite singer. Jen swore she would eternally hate Sinatra because of this...but alas, it grew on her over the years - isn't Ole Blue-eyes orchestra THE BEST?

You’ve Got Somethin’ • Squirrel Nut Zippers
A wicked-fast track...Ron blasted this song in the cruiser as Jen and Ron drove away after the wedding.

I Love You • Climax Blues Band
A song Jen loves and thinks of when she thinks of Ron

L–O–V–E • Natalie Cole got cut off at the end...we's not our favorite, but it's a classic.

Let’s Stay Together • Al Green
What a great song - fun to "Westie" swing dance to as well!

Massachusetts • Anita O’Day
Yet another lindy-hop favorite with very appropriate lyrics.

Mil Besos • Patty Griffin
Which in Spanish means "1000 Kisses". This is a romantic ballad sung by one of Jen's favorite singers: Patty Griffin. She's one of those petite ladies with a BIG voice, and a HUGE spirit.

Al Otro Lado Del Rio • Jorge Drexler
Spanish for "The Other side of the River," this song is also from the soundtrack of The Motorcycle Diaries. This is just a beautiful song that may remind you of the cliché, "The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence." Just don't forget to take a good look at your own yard before you go jumping to the other side - it may just need a little weeding.

Popsicle Toes • Dianna Krall
Who doesn't like Dianna Krall? You can dance some blues to this number.

Shining Star • Earth Wind and Fire
...and who doesn't like EWF? They define good sound don't they? This is a great song to "Westie" to, or maybe put it on your iPod, strap it to your arm, strap on some roller blades and go roller dancing in Central Park on a summer Sunday afternoon!

Shiney Stockings • Duke Ellington
Jen's favorite swing song...ever!

Over the Rainbow • Israel Kamakawiwo`ole
Bitter-sweet and beautiful, makes you think of life in retrospect.

Stars Fell on Alabama • Billie Holliday
Another romantic classic - Jen and Ron just love swing music.

True Companion • Marc Cohn
Some people actually use this song as their "wedding song". The lyrics are beautiful. Seriously, "When the years have done irreparable harm, I can see us walking slowly arm-in-arm. Just like that couple on the corner do, cause i'll always be in love with you."

Un Amor • Gypsy Kings
Spanish for "One Love". A wonderful group, all of their songs are fantastic, but of course this one is beautiful to dance to.

Walk Through the World with Me • Marc Cohn
Another by Marc Cohn - a great way to think of married life - someone to walk through the world with.


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