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Sunday, October 02, 2005

The Wedding Tree

As with every memorable event, having a guest book of some sort keeps the warm memories of a wedding alive for yeras to come. However, instead of using a traditional book, a Fall-themed wedding tree was made from a bush in Ron and Jen's front yard that needed serious pruning. The branch was cut, pruned and painted white by the bride. the groom then planted it ina terracotta planter with pretty marble stones. Jennifer's sister-in-law, Samantha, punched the leaves using a large leaf-shaped paper punch and multi-patterned and colored art papers Jen had in her collection.

The tree along with paper leaves made with patterned paper and ribbon were placed in the Oval Parlor with pens for signing. Each guest wrote a "wish" or a "hint for a happy marriage" or just a simple good-luck thought. Guests then shared their thought for the bride and groom by tying their leaves to the branches of the tree. Ron and Jen are currently enjoying their tree as a centerpiece in their dining room. Eventually Jen will place all the leaves in a wedding scrapbook.


Blogger Meg said...

What a lovely idea!
This way you can always be reminded of your special day instead of a book that gets put aside and collects dust... maybe you could stick them around a photo of your wedding day (on the matting)?
I'm now feeling inspired to find my something different that makes my wedding special :)
Thank you, Meg

Mon Jun 05, 08:38:00 AM 2006  

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