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Sunday, October 16, 2005

The Meaning of Arpy

"ARP! ARP! ARP!" Many people ask, "What the heck is arpy?" True it is a confusing term, rarely heard before unless you have hung around Jen and Ron long enough to know that it is a kind of pet-name, or a term of endearment. With that said, you may still be asking, "Yes, but where did the word arpy come from?" This is a more complex question with an even more perplexing answer. To understand its origin, one must go back to when Ron and Jen's friendship first blossomed. To arp is simply a silly gesture of love, like kissing someone's nose, for example. This is something Ron liked to do a lot - so much so, that Jen began to call Ron arpy. This caught on over time to the point that Ron and Jen no longer call each other by their real names.

Recently, Ron and Jen were shopping in a department store. As they each kept refering to each other as arpy, little did they realize they were about to learn something new about their little nick-name: Suddenly, a fellow shopper turned around and said, "I feel like I am shopping with my daughter as I keep hearing her name called, and I turn around and keep realizing I didn't bring her with me today. Who keeps saying arpy?"
"We do!" proclaimed Jen. "It's what we call each other...why, is your daughter's name Arpy?"
"Yes!" said the other shopper.
"How do you spell it?" asked Jen.
"A-R-P-I" answered the woman.
"REALLY!!! What nationality is that? What does it mean?"
"It means sunlight in Armenian." she answered.
"How appropriate!" said Ron.

Jen and Ron were very happy to learn that this is in fact a very popular girl's name with a beautiful meaning in Armenian culture.


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