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Wednesday, October 05, 2005

The Chuppah

Here is the newlywed's handmade chuppah: made of embroidered silk, duchess satin appliqué, antique lace and trim. The embroidered panels read, "Ani Ledodi V'Dodi Li," meaning, "I am to my beloved as my beloved is to me." This chuppah was designed by the bride with help from the groom, and crafted by hand by the bride herself. The florist helped put the finishing touches to it by adding grapevine, willow, berries and fall flowers. This chuppah is now a family heirloom that will be passed throughout our new family.

According to tradition, the Chuppah is open on four sides welcoming family and friends. Jennifer and Ron were led to their Chuppah by their parents who later stood beside them under the Chuppah. Gennifer Geller, Jennifer Gentry, Richard Martinoff and Jennifer Brumbaugh acted as Chuppah holders, standing at the four corners, not only to support Ron and Jennifer in marriage, but to join them in uniting their families. After Jennifer arrived at the Chuppah, she circled Ron seven times. The number seven is significant in Judaism because the number seven is found throughout the Torah and Jewish life. The seven circles are representative of the seven wedding blessings that were recited during the ceremony. Hence, Ron is encircled seven times by Jennifer symbolizing her vow to love him. Also, her circles symbolically represent a new family circle, establishing the space that Jennifer and Ron will share. After Jennifer finished circling Ron, she stood at his right side and the ceremony began.


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